Domain Sale & Transfer Parameters
Mirroring & Caching Notice
The following domains (URLs) are for sale
  • (CBC)
    • Cost is 5000 SDRs. 
    • The webhosting account can be transferred as part of the deal by adding another 20 SDRs. However, due to the complexities involved in the webhosting account transfer a 21 day delay is in place so as to allow for the hosting account to be properly transferred.
  • (GEEK) : 5000 SDRs.
Please contact webmaster via the WHOIS record to start the negotiation process.
Mirroring Restrictions and Obligations
  • Mirroring (technical) : No permission is needed or required for the exact real-time ephemeral replication (or web object caching) [via a server] of this website's contents to increase its global availability via products like "Squid".
  • Mirroring & Caching are considered to be separate mechanisms.
    • There are no restrictions on mirroring -- so long as any mirror of the website is less than 24 hours old so as to avoid misrepresentation of the site due to change in content.
    • There are no restrictions on caching -- so long as any mirror of the website is less than 4 hours old so as to avoid misrepresentation of the site due to change in content.
  • Search engines may freely cache this website, so long as the search record provides a time and date stamp. This policy is in force to avoid changes in content over time issues.
  • All robots.txt (standard) commands are followed.
URL Linkage Notices
Copyright Notice
URL outbound linkage practices in force
  • All URL linkages are designed not to adversely increase traffic at the target website.
  • If unintended traffic increases do happen, html linkage changes can be made to reduce traffic to your affected site(s) after the webmaster is contacted.
Linkage Requirements (to website -- Inbound)
  • Please email the webmaster at least two days in advance of your print publication [or high traffic website linking; "traffic" > 1 Gb per day] to this website (CBC, GEEK).
  • This pre-notification is needed to allow the webmaster time to guarantee enough outbound capacity at the website [at the time of linkage].
  • Linkage permission is not explicitly required if the publication date is on the 28th to 31st of the month (regardless of the international dateline) -- this allows the website's traffic to be spread into 2 separate billing months.
This notice is given in accordance with the international protocol on copyrights
  • "Fair Use" here is based on conventions derived from the Bern protocols on the use of intellectual property.
  • Permission must be granted to use this site's Intellectual Property (IP) content. Where this IP content may appear in a commercial context.
  • No IP use permissions are necessary or required for any and all "non profit" and "incidental" users.
  • All text & graphic contents of this website are property of the owner indicated via the "whois" DNS function.
Traffic Notice (outbound) Fair Use Doctrine

  • No malicious traffic will be (or can be) generated by this domain, as all of its active and passive web object contents are held on managed servers.
  • No local CGI scripts are in use, so there is no possibility of them generating unwanted traffic.
The symbols and logos ("trademarks") of corporate, governmental and other like entities remain property of their owners.

This trademark content is only used in accordance with "reasonable use" Intellectual Property use principals.
Traffic Notice (inbound) Intellectual Property
  • Network conditions may arise where the site may become unreachable.
  • Site loss conditions usually are: maintenance at the webhost's servers or a firewall (or DNS problem) in between you and the server.
  • These network conditions are beyond the immediate control of the webmaster, so take the usual measures to find existent replicated copies of this website's content.
The only Intellectual Property on the websites that is sellable is the content on CBC relating to "Eyre Land Principality" -- no other content is sellable. Contact the site owner for details on the cost. This website content is only sellable to tourism entities at this time.

Last updated : 29 DEC 2013

The proceeding legal & contractual notice comes into affect 24 UTC hours after posting.
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