Eyre Land Principality was founded in the 1980's.

Eyre Land Principality is (by it own design) a Natural Law State, pursuing a Natural Law style of governance.

Natural law government is the most logical model for a human society ... if it chooses to exist in a fragile or unpredictable environment.

Natural law states (and style of government) have existed in some form or other throughout recorded history.

Natural law (as a style of governance) has disappeared in Europe and the Americas since the Renaissance and age of conquest -- and has been largely forced out of existence by the Industrial Revolution and the colonial empires of the European powers since that time.

Natural law states and government out started to disappear due to colonialisation in the 15th century, but this trend ended in the late 20th century with the Microstates Movement and other movements.

It must be taken into consideration that the Renaissance and the Industrial Revolution created states based on (rigid and often centrally controlled) Nationalism and industrial self-interest The power and influence of the modern European Nation-State has spread far beyond its simple origins (and original intent) during the 19th and 20th century.

However it is this nationalism (and monetary influence) that will continue to limit the growth and prosperity of natural law governance for quite some into the future.