Current Laws in Force
Eyre Land Principality


Eyre Land Principality (also "ERL" or "ELP") was founded as the first modern Natural Law State. Nation states and city-states have existed in this form throughout human history. A Natural Law State is the most successful model for state organization for peoples existing in a fragile environment.

External Affairs Act

The External Relations Act places Eyre Land into the international order of trade, cultural, diplomatic and military order placed in effect, and modified by the United Nations since 1945.

Internal Affairs Act

The internal affairs act organizes the state internally, where no internal act must in any way change the external affairs of the state.

Trade Act

The Eyre Land Principality Administrator, in coordination with external trade representatives may suggest (and bring to fruition) any projects which may be of benefit to the Trade Office, providing these projects are fully approved by the Eyre Land Principality Administrator.

The appointed office holder will receive the following official documents:

  • These documents must be suitably framed and displayed in a prominent position.
  • The Trade Attaché is entitled and Title, on all business stationery as per the following example:
  • Guy Tremain -- (email)
    Trade Attaché for Eyre Land Principality
    City, State / Province

    External Trade Attaché(s) are entitled to use their official Title on all stationery as seen above, as well.
    A Trade Attaché may conduct and encourage any business they deem fit, and may recruit and encourage business associates to other positions.

    Citizenship Act